Published: Feb 17, 2014 11:36 AM EST
Updated: Feb 17, 2014 7:16 PM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- Kela Hunte said someone set her car on fire and vandalized her home yesterday. The fire marshal said the car fire was a case of arson, according to a new report on the investigation from the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

The report said several concrete blocks were found near the victim's mailbox, and they were painted the same color as the vandalism on the garage. It also said all of the victim's personal belongings that would have been in her car were piled up in the corner of the garage.

The report went on to say the victim made a spontaneous utterance to the firefighterfighter on scene, saying "will this get me out of my vehicle lease?"

When asked about the comment, Hunte tells WINK News, "that is not what was said. My mom was here and she was saying they should help you move or something, you can't stay here. And my question was, cause they were asking who's the property manager..and I said 'do you think they'll let me move? I said my you think they'll let me move?' I'm not even leasing this car. I'm buying it, making payments on it."

She said the block by her mailbox was just something left there before she moved in, along with some other junk items scattered in the woods near her home.

She says, "I didn't do this to myself. I'm not responsible, this is a huge hardship for me, spending money I don't have."

She also says her mother's car was vandalized here months ago, and the door handles were ripped off. She says that's why she doesn't leave anything valuable in the car.

She doesn't know who would have done this to her home and says the most important thing is her family's safety. "I go to work 5-6 days a week to provide for my children and this is my only means of transportation."

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is still investigating what happened in this case. Deputies have not made any arrests.