Published: Feb 12, 2014 11:26 PM EST
Updated: Feb 13, 2014 4:59 AM EST

ESTERO, FL.--Shops, restaurants, a new hotel and plenty of spots to live.

WINK news is learning an exciting new entertainment center could be coming to a busy part of southwest Florida.
It's called "CenterPlace" and it's an 800-acre property off Alico Road in Estero,  not far from FGCU and the Gulf Coast Town Center.

A local equity group tells WINK News it wants to develop CenterPlace south of Alico road and east of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway in Estero.

The plan includes housing for families and FGCU students, along with a hotel, conference center, marina and all kinds of retail shops and restaurants.

"Fort Myers is a building community in general, like there is construction all over the place so it wouldn't be surprised if they put something in like that," said FGCU student Mason Grant.

Many FGCU students we spoke to say a development like this would lure in new students and give them more options.

"Coming here four years a go there really wasn't that many things to do--if they built this development there would be more housing, campus housing, restaurants," said FGCU student Matthew Van Keuren.

The development is expected to create 771-jobs a year and increase annual property tax collections from $1.5-million in 2017, to more than $12-million by 2028.

"As long as it is buffered properly so it doesn't impact the single family homes in the surrounding area," said Realtor Joe Pavich Senior.

Pavich says CenterPlace would need to be developed the right way so it doesn't take away too much business from the other entertainment hot spots.

"It is going to have a regional economic impact, will it compete with the gulf coast town center? Gulf coast town center is thriving right now with the college students," said Pavich.