Published: Feb 12, 2014 4:49 PM EST
Updated: Feb 12, 2014 6:34 PM EST

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - Deputies arrest a man after neighbors say he broke into several homes on a Port Charlotte street.  One woman says she caught him as he was trying to climb through her window!

Michael Ketrow says he was home Tuesday afternoon when he heard someone trying to get into the house.

"I heard somebody jiggling the door, I thought it was my mom opening the door and the door opened and he came in... he looked at me, asked me if my mom was home, looked at the china closet then turned around and walked right out the door," Ketrew says.

Deputies say that man was William Gurney.

"So I went to the door and I locked the deadbolt... and then he came to the door and started jiggling it and then I followed him to every window, door, everything, checking everything," he adds.

Deputies say this wasn't the only place Gurney checked out and even got inside.  Within a few hours Tuesday, reports say a neighbor caught Gurney while he was trying to climb in through her window.  Another neighbor says they came home to find their house ransacked.  Jewelry, a gun, knives and motorcycle helmets were missing.  Deputies caught up with Gurney at his house on the same street and arrested him.

"I don't feel that secure anymore, but I have the dog, I have my son, worse comes to worse, I have a baseball bat," says June Ketrow.