Published: Feb 12, 2014 2:59 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla.- There's a funeral home in Naples that's setting a new trend when it comes to mourning your loved ones; a trend that could turn into the toast of the town. If you think this looks like your typical funeral're dead wrong.

It's not your typical funeral parlor, but a dark, elegant room with leather chairs and glass-topped wine barrels for tables. It's the Hodges funeral home's way of giving you a chance to celebrate a life instead of mourning a death.

So what's the reaction been like? Funeral director Nicole Partin says, "Absolutely wonderful. People love it. It brings a different atmosphere a different feel to the funeral home and makes people much more relaxed."

General manager Seth Minso adds, "We've already had four or five paying customers. We've used the room for dedications. I've had people come in not realizing we had this type of facility that were planning on booking services perhaps at a different venue saying, 'No we want to do it here.'."

But is it affordable? Seth Minso says packages start at about $1,300.

"When we reserve this room for a family we try to include in that a small amount of food and beverage selection as well it's like everything else in life..we can go elaborate as as you like or as simple as you like," said Minso.

Toasting a deceased loved one with wine is still a little progressive for some, but others like the alternative of enjoying some nightlife for the afterlife.