Published: Feb 09, 2014 10:33 AM EST
Updated: Feb 09, 2014 11:58 PM EST

TAMPA, Fla. - WINK News is learning more about a Fort Myers man who died in a fiery head-on collision that killed a total five people in Tampa. It happened on Interstate 275, around 2:00am, Sunday.

Authorities say a wrong-way driver hit another car and burst into flames. Four young men in the other car, USF students and fraternity brothers, died instantly.

One of them, Imtiyaz Ilias, was a 2012 graduate of Cypress Lake High School and a well-known wrestler.

The Grab and Go is Jim's family store. It's just down the road from Cypress Lake High School.
The sign on the door says "closed for a family emergency." People have brought flowers, and left candles.

Jim's brother and former coaches remember him as a determined leader who leaves behind a passion for wrestling.

One "heck of a wrestler". Brother, and friend.

"Jim was very determined. He didn't make excuses for anything. He always worked hard. He always pushed his teammates," said Assistant Wrestling Coach Angelo Vaughn.

Imtiyaz Ilias, known as "Jim," led his Cypress Lake High School wrestling teammates by example, rising through the ranks as a shy freshman into the team captain.

"He inspired a lot of people. A lot of guys on the team even that were never on the team with him, knew him from coming back in and helping over Christmas," said Head Wrestling Coach Paul Rothenberg, who coached Ilias for 4 years.

"It's like I feel like I have a dark hole inside of me," said his older brother Ghan. He takes comfort in knowing his little brother knew he was loved.

"Last time I talked to him was about 3:30 in the afternoon Saturday. I did get to say I love you bro. And he said "I love you" too. In front of my father, because we face-timed each other. We hadn't seen each other in a while. That was the last thing I said to him. Before this happened," said Ghan. "He was not only an athlete. He was a good son. A good brother. A good role model. He was a funny person, you know? He was hysterical."

That's not hard too see in YouTube videos, along with some advice from Jim himself.

"Never make excuses. Because excuses are tools of the incompetent.  And those who master in them, major in a world of nothingness," he said in a video for Cypress Lake High School.

As this crash remains under investigation, the school and others in the wrestling community are already coming up with ways to remember him. The team wants to make make purple shirts with his photo on them.