Published: Feb 07, 2014 5:16 PM EST
Updated: Feb 07, 2014 5:22 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - What if you could save hundreds of dollars on your electric bill? WINK News is learning not only is it possible, it's easy, thanks to a program called kiloWATCH. 

It's an LCEC program that monitors your energy consumption with a very simple graph. You set the threshold, and if you go over your intended amount, you get an e-mail or a text.

Robert Wang was away from home on a camping trip, a few days in the suddenly got a text. "It said my power usage had spiked. Of course I had already unplugged everything," he said. 

Wang called a neighbor and eventually found out his pool timer was broken. The heater had been running non-stop! He wouldn't of known this, if it were not for LCEC's kiloWATCH program.

"We saved a substantial electric bill, I suspect," said Wang.

KiloWATCH is free through Lee County Electric Co-Op. It's similar to programs used by other companies like Florida Power and Light.

The green is your energy consumption. The blue vertical lines are the daily temperatures outside, while the yellow bar is the threshold you set, which you can change at any time. 

"People like to see on a day to day basis how they're consuming their power. It has a real good value for our part time members who are going to go up north," explained LCEC Supervisor of Energy Services Doug Barker. 

It can save your bill, if something is broken, and also allows you to keep a closer eye on your personal energy efficiency. 

LCEC has six-thousand people who receive those notifications. You don't have to get them, but you can if you want.

Right now this program is strictly for residential customers, but LCEC working on expanding to commercial ones. An app is also in the works. 

To sign up for kiloWATCH, visit LCEC's website. Click on Energy Efficiency, and then kiloWATCH.