Published: Feb 05, 2014 10:41 PM EST
Updated: Feb 06, 2014 2:33 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Only WINK News uncovered why thousands of dollars former Congressman Trey Radel said he donated to charity never made it there.

The controversial Republican confirmed to WINK News that he gave the Boys and Girls Club of Lee County more than $5,000 of his salary, but the charity claims they never got a cent.

"I am going to donate my salary to a charity," said Radel in his first press conference after he was busted with cocaine.

Radel promised to donate his salary to the Boys and Girls Club of Lee and Collier counties while in rehab for a month.

Last month the Collier County club confirmed to WINK News they received their check. Each check was for a little more than $5,100.

Every night for the last two weeks since Radel resigned from congress, WINK News has called the Lee County club who said they still had no sign of their check, nor had any communication with Radel.

WINK News contributing reporter, Michael Francis, contacted Radel directly.
Radel sent him bank statements indicating he did, in fact, send two checks for the same amount-- one to each of the the Boys and Girls Clubs--

WINK News went to the Lee County Boys and Girls club to get answers and they told us they have no check from Radel.

Instead we uncovered a major error. The address on the check Radel sent was wrong.

The check went to the leasing office of the Pueblo Bonito Community in Bonita Springs. We searched online and Google incorrectly lists that address as the Boys and Girls Club of America.

We stopped at that address and the staff looked inside the particular mailbox and sure enough, there was the check from Trey Radel. The check was dated December 24, 2013 which was just about a week after Radel left rehab.   

Radel fulfilled his promise to donate his salary for the month he was in rehab to charity.  
The Boys and Girls Club of Lee County say they are working to get their correct address on the internet search engines.