Published: Feb 05, 2014 6:03 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Companies that plan to tutor Lee County students this year must agree to new safety guidelines. This comes after a tutor was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a student on a school campus.

A two-page safety compliance form is now included with the contract the seven new tutoring companies had to sign before they could work with students.

It has a number of provisions the tutors must agree to, in order to help protect student safety.

Most noticable, a requirement that says the vendor (meaning the tutoring company) "will ensure that no tutor will tutor a student one-on-one without being in the direct vision of another adult."

In January, deputies arrested 66-year-old Gregory Lancaster for allegedly sexually abusing a student he was tutoring at Villas Elementary School last school year.

Deputies say it happened while Lancaster was alone with the student, in a room with no windows and the doors shut.

This prompted school leaders to take a closer look at their policies and their contracts with these third-party tutoring companies.

The seven new tutoring companies will begin working with students at the end of the month.

Some other safety requirements on the new form include requiring the tutor to move locations if only one student shows up for tutoring, to ensure they are in the direct vision of another adult, and if services are provided in the home, a parent or another adult must be present.

Lancaster remains in the Lee County jail without bond.