Published: Feb 04, 2014 6:29 PM EST

LE COUNTY, Fla.- As a result of 28 Crime Stoppers tips, and a massive collaborative effort of both local and outside law enforcement agencies, Sarah M. Greene, 38, was arrested last night for the robbery of an 80-year-old victim at a grocery store parking lot last month.

Numerous tips identified Greene as a woman on the run from Maryland, who came to Florida under the guise of seeking treatment for drug dependency. However when she and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Corby, arrived in Lee County, Greene decided to forego getting help, and instead opted to continue down the criminal path she’s led most of her life. Detectives with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s Robbery Unit immediately investigated every tip, and quickly came to the conclusion that Greene was indeed the woman who robbed the elderly victim. A massive manhunt has taken place over the last week or so, involving not only members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s Robbery and Warrants Units, but also the US Marshals Task Force, Garrett County Sheriff’s Office, MD, the Daytona Beach Police Department, the Ormond Beach Police Department, and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Greene was ultimately captured in Jacksonville yesterday after committing retail theft at an area Walmart store.

According to detectives, Greene and Corby left Lee County shortly after the robbery, and are believed to have committed other crimes in their trek back home to Maryland. Greene only made it as far as Jacksonville, where she is currently awaiting extradition back to Lee County to face charges of robbery, battery on a person age 65 or older, fraudulent use of a credit card and grand theft. Corby, who has not been located yet, is also on the run from Maryland authorities and could potentially face charges related to the Lee County incident.

Greene is reportedly a familiar face to law enforcement in Garrett County, MD, where she is from. She has been arrested multiple times, and at one point was even jailed for operating a meth lab in a room next to a bedroom where her three young children slept, according to SWFL Crime Stoppers. When Greene came to Florida with Corby, she abandoned her children in Maryland, something police records show she’s done before.

“The arrest of Sarah Greene brings a conclusion to a corrupt life of drugs, violence and the propensity to do whatever it takes to get a quick fix,” said Trish Routte, Crime Stoppers Coordinator. “Crime Stoppers is extremely grateful to the 52 tipsters who provided information to help identify the suspect, and of course the 28 who put her name on the radar of law enforcement. This arrest is also the example of the positive outcome when various law enforcement agencies throughout the Southeast partner and share information for the safety of our community. It’s all about partnerships – ones which start from the anonymous tipster and end with the officer who gets to formally charge her with the crimes she’s accused of committing.”

Greene is currently being held in Jacksonville. It is not known yet when she’ll be extradited back to Lee County to face the aforementioned charges.