Published: Feb 04, 2014 8:45 PM EST
Updated: Feb 04, 2014 11:12 PM EST

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- The U.S. Government wants schools to have more control when it comes to policing students at home. Parents tell WINK News that idea may be crossing the line.

"It's really not under their purview to police what happens at home, it should either be the parents responsibility or if theres a crime, the polices responsibility," said Erika Donalds.

Even school board members admit, it's not their job to watch what kids do in their free time.

"That gives the School District the authority to look at computers, and social media use off site of school property and we dont want to police that," said Pat Carroll, Chairman of the Collier County School Board.

The new wording is a part of the district's soon to be updated policy on cyber bullying and cyber stalking. Board members want to re-work the language so schools won't be responsible for policing students at home. But they worry, if the district doesn't comply, it could face consequences like being audited by the state.

"I feel for the school boards at the local level because it seems like they don't have any say in the amount of overreach the state is trying to put on these districts," said Donalds.

"It makes us feel uncomfortable, it puts the school district in a position that is overreaching our main responsibilities," said Carroll.

Carroll said her team plans to reach out to state lawmakers to get the policy changed.

"But the school district will never go into somebody's home and check a computer."