Published: Feb 03, 2014 4:14 PM EST
Updated: Feb 03, 2014 6:28 PM EST

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - WINK News first brought you this story in December: A woman was handcuffed and locked up for something she didn't do.

Punta Gorda Police say they arrested the wrong woman on a warrant out of Lake County. That warrant was for someone with the same name. The department has completed an internal investigation into the mistake.

"That warrant hit... matched up with her exact name, her social security number, her drivers license number," says Chief 'Butch' Arenal.

Chief Arenal says his officers did everything right with the information they had to arrest Brandy Lowe of Port Charlotte in late December.  At the time, Lowe told us she was at the department for a separate matter when officers arrested her on a warrant out of Lake County.

"The first thing I did was say that this isn't my date of birth," Brandy Lowe told us.

"Which was not abnormal because one of the initial charges was providing false information to a law enforcement officer," adds Chief Arenal.

Lowe was in custody for several hours.  Officers released her after her fingerprints came back a mismatch with the alleged criminal with her same name. 

The mistake sparked an internal investigation revealing the Lake County Sheriff's Office had entered the wrong Lowe's information into the Florida Crime Information Center.

Chief Arenal says while he's making some changes, mistakes can still happen.

"If there is a case in which a person contests identity, we will make an attempt to get a photograph from the originating agency... however even in this case, we did get a photo from the originating agency... it did not exclude her because you know weight can dramatically change or even a three inch height difference, they're never exact... but we thought that it was a good due diligence," he says.

During the internal investigation, Chief Arenal says the department asked if Brandy Lowe wanted to share her side.  He says Lowe did not want to comment because she was getting legal council.

WINK News tried to reach Lowe but did not hear back from her.