Published: Jan 31, 2014 6:27 PM EST
Updated: Jan 31, 2014 6:48 PM EST

(CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.) - A Charlotte County intersection has become a makeshift dump, and the people living nearby are demanding the county take action.

Daniel Cox takes Bermont Road to work every day.  When he passes the intersection of State Road 31, he gets angry.

"It's disgusting," Cox said.  "You don’t want people coming into your neighborhood dropping stuff off like this.  I want it cleaned up."

Truck pullouts along the side of the road are surrounded by a sea of garbage, including fast food wrappers, dozens of tires, a mattress and plastic bottles filled with urine.

When WINK News called the Solid Waste Division of Charlotte County, the supervisor was not in the office.  That's because he was already on his way to the intersection.

"We have received several complaints about a lot of trash being out here," said Lorenzo Daetz, who works for solid waste.  "We decided to come out here and investigate what's going on."

Daetz said the truck pullouts are the root of a chronic problem, providing truck drivers a convenient opportunity to stop and dump trash.

Even if crews clean up the mess, Daetz said it will likely accumulate again.

Daetz and his colleagues contacted Waste Management, a contractor for Charlotte County.  Waste Management crews will begin cleaning the road on Monday at a cost of $500.

Solid waste is also working with the public works department to come up with a plan to keep the trash off the ground once it's cleaned up.