Published: Jan 31, 2014 6:09 PM EST
Updated: Jan 31, 2014 6:11 PM EST

BOOKELIA, Fla. - Daniel Proctor, never told Lee County deputies why he allegedly killed his ex-wife, Amy Patterson.

But he did, according to the arrest warrant, admit to strangling her , dumping her body in a remote area by their Pine Island home. The pair had gotten back together two years prior to her July 2011 death. Proctor told deputies on the night of July 21, the two had gone out on the boat and had a great day. He said, "There were no fights between them, but he strangled her in the bedroom of their residence on Pine Island, killing her."

In the arrest warrant, deputies say Proctor claimed "they were drunk, and he did not remember what started it."

"He did recall choking Amy Patterson and then sitting on the couch for a while."

Proctor then fled the state, and drove back home to Alabama in Amy's car. In Alabama, he later stole a truck and gun from a friend, that landed him a life sentence.

Now that friend Proctor was staying with, said Proctor left a note after stealing the gun and truck.

It said "there are things you are going to hear and they're true. I did it and I can't live with myself knowing it..." In the warrant, deputies say the crime was not premeditated. Proctor is currently behind bars in Lee County jail, where he faces murder charges.