Published: Jan 29, 2014 9:46 AM EST

FORT MYERS, FL - 81 year old Joyce Hunt says she has lived in her home for the last 50 years and she's never experienced anything like she did in the last two days. On Sunday Hunt says she was awakened by the loud sound of a Sheriff's helicopter hovering over her home. Next she says she saw the shadow of someone miling about on her lanai. A quick peek out of the front door and she says there were at least 5 Sheriff's vehicles along with a number of suspects on the ground in handcuffs. She never did get  a face to face look at whoever was on the lanai, but, she says the person did knock over a flowerpot. The next day, Hunt's caretaker arrived and as she was attempting to clean up the mess from the overturned flower pot, she noticed a handgun inside. A quick call to the Sheriff's office and deputies retrieved the weapon. The investigation continues into whether the suspects were actually involved with the robbery at the hotel. When asked if she was in fear for her safety, Hunt says the incident was, "crazy" and said, "you cant live in fear."