Published: Jan 26, 2014 8:27 PM EST
Updated: Jan 27, 2014 7:34 AM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- It's called the "Salute Seen Around the World." Millions have been inspired by the photo of Corporal Josh Hargis, a Ranger injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.         

His father-in-law is a retired member of the Fort Myers Police Department. Starting Sunday afternoon, the SWAT team is running non-stop across the Edison bridge, for 45 hours straight. 

Wearing 60 pounds of full tactical gear, the Fort Myers Police Dept. SWAT team has a special mission: running miles and miles for Corporal Josh Hargis. 

"He's a hero to us. So we want to bring awareness to the community. That there's heroes out there that deserve their attention," said FMPD SWAT Commander Lieutenant Jeffrey Bernice.

Each team of runners carries the tomahawk Hargis carried with him, the time of the explosion. You might have seen the photo of his salute, taken after he was severely injured in October. Today, he continues to recover, his wife by his side. 

February, the Hargis family will walk 222 miles from Fort Stewart, Georgia to Fort Benning, in the Warriors' Walk, to raise funds and awareness. The Josh Hargis Ranger Run is the SWAT team's own version of that: running nonstop for 45 hours 222 times across the Edison Bridge.

After each trip across the bridge, they mark a piece of wood, which later will be given to Hargis. There to greet them at the end of each shift is Josh's father in law, retired FMPD Captain Scott Griffith.

"He's a very strong guy and again, there's a lot of other people that have been hit, in other different ways as well. And they are very strong. I just don't think we can forget about not just Josh, but all the rest of our soldiers," said Griffith said. "I think our family has done well. We're a very strong unit. Josh is a very strong young man. He's got a great wife. And great family behind him. And we look forward to better days ahead," he said. 

One trip back and forth across the bridge is two miles. The SWAT team is taking turns in teams, and will continue to do so, all through the night. 

If you would like to learn more about the Warrior's Walk, or donate to the Hargis family, visit their website