Published: Jan 24, 2014 10:15 PM EST
Updated: Jan 25, 2014 7:53 PM EST

LABELLE, FL.--Brand new secrets are exposed about a local teen at the center of a federal poison plot.

19-year-old Jesse Korff  from Glades County  is accused of concocting a deadly poison at home, then selling it online.

Prosecutors revealed they found guns and all kinds of illegal drugs where Korff lived.

"It's sad because he is so young," said Korff's sister, Nancy Renaldi Hurtado.

"He knew better and he knew he was going to get caught eventually," said Hurtado.

Korff's father passed away when he was just a year old, but Hurtado says her brother took a severe turn for the worse, when his mother died just a few years ago.

"He can get angry, but I don't really think he shows anger a lot--I think it is more being depressed," she said.

Hurtado says her brother is extremely intelligent and even wanted to be a doctor.
But she says Korff was led on the wrong path and started doing drugs at an early age.

WINK News found out,  investigators found two meth labs at the house where Korff lived.
Hurtado thinks he was not acting alone.

"Pretty soon it will all come out," said Hurtado.

Korff and his niece, Kayla, went to school together.
She says despite all the shocking allegations, Korff is a good person.

"I was shocked because I can't understand why anyone would make something to harm someone," said Kayla Renaldi.

While Hurtado loves her brother, she says he deserves to be punished.

"He's not stupid, but he is the type of person, he does not care, he's going to do what he wants to do," said Hurtado.