Published: Jan 24, 2014 11:33 AM EST
Updated: Jan 24, 2014 6:17 PM EST

GLADES COUNTY, Fla.- WINK News has new details the case of a Glades County teen accused of selling homemade poison on a black market website. 

Investigators tell WINK News they found a pipe bomb, firearms, ricin and meth labs at Jesse Korff's home in Muse. After hearing of the evidence, the judge said Korff should stay behind bars.

But Korff's attorney argued the 19 year old was cooperating with authorities and said, if released, he would stay under house arrest. 

The U.S Attorney's Office says a search warrant at the home uncovered a pistol shotgun and silencer, along with two meth labs, the deadly poison abrin and ricin. 

Agents also discovered a pipe bomb, which they detonated on the property. Investigators say the teen admitted there were more toxins inside the home, and believe he acted alone.

Friday WINK News cameras caught Korff's sister and uncle as they left the hearing. 
"They (the family) are devastated, I'll tell you that," said attorney Daniel Endrizal, III.  He says the family was not surprised the teen would stay locked up. 

"They are supportive of Jesse and hope he gets the help that he needs," said Endrizal. "He lost both his parents before he was 15 years old, remanded to foster care, he's had a tough way to go."

Korff is accused of selling the deadly poison abrin, found in a plant, on a black market website. The poison makes it appear as though the victim has the flu before death. The buyer was an undercover agent.

WINK News tried to talk to Jesse Korff's attorney, who had no comment. He said in court the teen was "seriously bullied" at school, insisted Korff was cooperating with authorities, was not a flight risk, and would stay under house arrest if released. 

But the judge didn't agree, fearing the teen would once again start selling toxins online, if released, because they were readily available to him. 

Investigators say Korff also used meth, heroin, and painkillers.

If convicted, he could spend life if prison.    

Right now, there's no set date as to when US Marshals will escort Korff to New Jersey to face his charges. He's being sent there, because that's where the investigation originated.