Published: Jan 23, 2014 6:13 PM EST
Updated: Jan 23, 2014 6:22 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Car doors were left open. Personal information has been scattered about. People living in a northeast Cape Coral neighborhood are on edge after someone broke into at least a dozen vehicles in one night. 

When they were done ransacking the vehicle, they didn't even bother to shut the door. 

Suzy Gonzalez' GPS unit is gone. Someone stole it out of her car early Tuesday morning, along with her sense of security. "It kind of sucks because this place is so quiet. I guess I gave too much trust," she said. 

Gonzalez and her daughter discovered their vehicle doors hanging wide open and papers everywhere. She later found her library card, left in the middle of the road. 

WINK News discovered vehicles in front of 12 homes were hit Monday night into Tuesday morning near Kismet Parkway and Del Prado boulevard.

Each burglary was eerily similar. 

"They went through everything in there! The dash board, the glove compartment," said Lourdes Galan. Her daughter's car was found open. "It makes me feel so angry. Because they're in your property, anyone who dares to walk up to your driveway, it's daring!"

Sgt. Dana Coston with the police department says this is a case of "car hopping". He believes the culprits are teens. "Often that live in or near the area that they occur, and it often happens on weekends or after a long holiday," he said. "As they walk down a street they'll try every car in a driveway."

Sgt. Coston also says car burglary is a very serious crime - a felony. And police continue to investigate. 

As for the Gonzalez family, they now lock their car doors, and hope others do the same. "As much as you trust your neighbor, just don't. Keep your doors locked. No matter what," said Shannon Gonzalez. 

As the Cape Coral Police Dept. continues to investigate, officers are also looking for help from the public. Please submit any tips to the department. And you can remain anonymous.