Published: Jan 22, 2014 12:41 PM EST
Updated: Jan 23, 2014 10:07 AM EST

LABELLE, Fla.- A Glades County teen is behind bars, accused of selling a deadly poison to an undercover agent.

Jesse Korff, 19, told undercover agents a few drops of abrin in someone's food or drink could be deadly.

The investigation into Korff has only just begun, according to Nicole Waid, former federal prosecutor, who is not associated with the case.

"On a federal level, we are talking about potential for domestic terrorism," said Waid.

Federal authorities nabbed the Glades County teen, after he allegedly sold the poison abrin, to an undercover agent, through an underground website called Black Market reloaded.

"Was he a lone wolf? that's some of the things we need to be sure of, that he was acting alone, acting independently. I am sure investigation is going to look at his contacts, make sure there wasn't a larger circle," said Waid.

Initial paperwork suggests Korff acted alone.

"Anytime you are talking about a domestic terrorism situation, the lone wolf situation is almost always the most frightening only because that person has his ideologies but has nothing else to lose," said Waid.

"There is a profile. you are looking at people that don't have many family connections, community connections, tend to be by themselves."

Agents with the Joint Terrorism task force spent three days tearing apart the Korff's home, and wrapped up Tuesday night.

"There are biological chemicals here so you really have a threat to the community, bringing the environmental agencies in there making sure there isn't an immediate threat to the community," said Waid.

Korff will appear before a federal judge on Friday.