Published: Jan 21, 2014 5:01 PM EST

Lee co. commissioner Frank Mann wants some answers as to why there are parking issues at the new library in downtown Fort Myers.   He says people are upset because there are very few parking spots on the library grounds.

"We spent years planning this place, and we have 25 parking spots day in and day out.  That is not enough for a facility that brings in hundreds of people per day.   That is bad planning," says Mann.  He adds: he gets complaints from people who have to park on nearby streets and feed meters, or get parking tickets. 

The library has 25 regular spots, plus 5 for disabled persons.   It does have about 50 additional parking spots for special events, but not for day to day usage.   The Library director says, it was planned that way, after many meetings, going back years.

"The highest and best usage of the land is for open space, for people, not for vehicles.  We want the green space and we appreciate that it is there, it is a fantastic facility and grounds.  But we did not want, all parking lot," says Sheldon Kaye, Lee library system director.   The Lee system built the facility in the city of Fort Myers.

Mann says he wants county administrators to look into the parking situation and report back with options and possible solutions.  He suggests making deals with some nearby churches, that might provide space for parking for library users, Monday through Saturday.