Published: Jan 20, 2014 3:59 PM EST

A number of southwest Floridians spent this Monday, volunteering to help other people in need.   They engaged in a Day of Service on this holiday, honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader of the 1960's.

"We help whenever we can, but yes, the fact that this is King Day does make it a great honor for us to help others," says Jack Schatzel of Cypress Woods RV Resort in Lee county.

Schatzel and others organized a food drive.  Today, they loaed more than 2-thousand pounds of food into a truck, for donation to the soup kitchen at Community Cooperative Ministries Incorporated -- CCMI.   The resort residents also donated cash to the soup kitchen.

"We give when we can, all year long, and it does make us think of King and his message today," says Claire Lepera of Cypress Woods. 

At the soup kitchen itself, WINK News found several volunteers from Sanibel Community Church.  They were chopping vegetables for the meals for homeless and needy people at CCMI.

"We follow the teachings of Christ, and those direct us to help people in need.   And it is good that we do this on MLK day," says Dave Truelsen of Sanibel.