Published: Jan 16, 2014 4:47 PM EST
Updated: Jan 16, 2014 6:10 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Honoring the victims and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing. A prayer canvas, unveiled Thursday morning at JetBlue Park stands as a message of hope.

A group of moms in Naples started the canvas last year. People across the country have signed it to show support. 

On April 21st, they'll present the final piece to the city of Boston at the Red Sox ballgame in Fenway Park, the same day as this year's marathon. 

Small messages of hope and encouragement fit together to form a massive message of unity. 

"When the bombs went off in Boston we wanted to do something to change this cycle of violence," said founder Kari Wagner. After the tragedy, she rallied a group of moms in Naples,  determined to make a difference.

"We wanted something that everyone could participate in regardless of their ability level, age or monetary status," Wagner said. 

Each canvas sent out across the country, is 6 by 18 feet. Behind signature, handprint or drawing is a story. "It was just amazing. The amount of people who either are from Boston, who ran the marathon, who's daughter ran the marathon. And they all had a story. Anyone who came up," explained 

Jennifer Warkel had family and friends running in the race the day of the bombing. For her, the prayer canvas stands as a powerful message of resilience,

"There are people here that are good. There's a lot of people that do good. In the world. and there's only a few that do bad," she said. 

"We as Americans not only come along side the victims of Boston,  and the entire city there, but also as a symbol for the entire country, and all the terrible things that happen. A majority of Americans still care. We're unified as a country and we want things like this to stop," Wagner said. 

The canvas will continue its travels until next month. So far, they've collected canvases from 47 states, and hope to have all 50 by the time they unveil it in April.  

People of all ages have signed it, but we're told, its especially been a great educational tool for children.

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