Published: Jan 13, 2014 10:18 PM EST
Updated: Jan 13, 2014 10:20 PM EST

PUNTA GORDA, FL.--Rage at the cash register. A charlotte county man is accused of sparking a violent scene at Walmart.

He's 77-year-old William Golladay and he is now charged with battery.

"We went in to get some groceries in the afternoon," said John Malherbe.

It started as a normal shopping trip for John Malherbe at aPunta Gorda Walmart on Sunday.

But within seconds,it quickly took a dangerous turn.


Malherbe says he was using an electric shopping cart at the 20-item or less register when he says he heard someone behind him.

"I heard this voice behind me counting and I was like, what?," said Malherbe.

That voice deputies say was 77-year old William Golladay and they claim he was angry that Malherbe had more items in his basket than the lane allowed.



"And he is screaming like about people having too many groceries and stuff--people like you," said Mahlerbe.

Malherbe says Golladay wouldn't stop yelling--eventually taking it to the next level by ramming his shopping cart in to Malherbe.

"And I am holding my arm and looking at him and he has this look on his face and I knew it was going to be trouble," said Mahlerbe.

Deputies say Walmart employees eventually broke it up and took Golladay outside.

But it didn't stop there--workers say he ran back in the store for more.

"Almost running back, screaming," said Mahlerbe.

Deputies showed up and arrested Golladay for batter.

Luckily Malherbe only suffered minor injuries, but he says better him than anyone else.

"What if it wasn't me? What if it was a young lady? or somebody else," he said.