Published: Jan 13, 2014 4:42 PM EST
Updated: Jan 13, 2014 5:59 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - If you want to build a shed in Cape Coral, you might have an easier time after Monday's city council meeting. The city is considering letting people build sheds on the sides of homes, something, that's not previously allowed unless you ask for a special exception. 

"Obviously there's a lack of storage space in Florida," laughed William Orsine.

He installed a shed in 2006, following proper permitting processes. But hearing that the city could allow people to sheds on the sides of homes has him worried it might cause clutter.  

"I don think they should. Cape Coral is tight for a reason. It's a pretty residential neighborhood," he said. 

It's required in the city that you place a shed in the back. But WINK News found out a majority of the homeowners who requested to build a shed on the side of the home, were allowed to build it after a lengthy process.

The request for sheds on the sides of houses is one of the most commonly requested variances in the city, which is why they're now reconsidering the rules. 

"Provided (the shed on the side of the home) meets side setback requirements and provided that there's screening in place in the form of a wall, landscaping, or a combination of the two," explained Planning Team Coordinator Mike Struve, with the City of Cape Coral. 

WINK News found mixed reactions on Facebook. 

One resident tells us, "We wanted to build one, to many rules and regulations for nothing, we need a permit to breath in this town, so we gave it up."

Another says, "I think it is good you need a permit. Our neighbor has multiple things outside including sheds and other junk. No one does anything about it. He doesn't have any permits."

Cape leaders say, if the new rule is implemented, it would free up planning staff to concentrate on more serious projects.



Cape Coral city council approves new shed ordinance.