Published: Jan 11, 2014 10:25 PM EST
Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:19 PM EST

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. - Not everyone can say they had their baby in a bank parking lot but a Southwest Florida couple just did and says the memory of the unconventional birth is priceless.

Bonita Springs first responders from Station 4 were called to the Sun Trust bank just off Bonita Beach Boulevard around 12:30p.m. Saturday.

Wink News caught up with the firefighters and the newborns parents who say it all happened so fast!

When Dominique Peterson pictured giving birth to her daughter Calla, this was not the delivery room she had in mind.

"Wasn't exactly what we had planned. She had her own plans," Peterson said.

Peterson is a labor and delivery nurse and says she was resting at home between shifts Saturday afternoon when she knew her third daughter was on her way.

"Told my husband it was time to get going. And as I was getting dressed my water broke," she said. 

The mother of two older daughters, Peterson says she has Precipitous Labor which means her babies are born very fast.

"As I was getting in the car I knew I was complete and ready to push. I was trying to hold it in!"

Dominique and her husband Chase tried to drive to Health Park Hospital but quickly realized they were never going to make it.

"Oh I was freaking out," said Chase.

That's when they decided the Sun Trust parking lot in Bonita Springs would have to do!

"I'm like, we're pulling over in this bank and we're going to have this baby in this parking lot," he said. 

 Chase called 911 and within minutes Lt. Jason Brod and his crew were on scene for the delivery.

"She was super calm and I introduced myself and told her to relax. We worked together and got it done," Lt. Brod said.

Just minutes later, Calla Renee Peterson was born.

"We had ourselves a baby right there in the passenger side of the car," Peterson said.

"They were taking pictures of me holding the baby so I guess I'll be in the baby book forever," said Lt. Brod.