Published: Jan 10, 2014 1:27 PM EST
Updated: Jan 10, 2014 6:05 PM EST

NORTH PORT, Fla -- Two big drug busts, just weeks apart.

Millions of dollars in dangerous synthetic drugs are off the streets.

WINK News got a look the drugs investigators confiscated in North Port. 
The bust comes just ten days after Lee County detectives took down a major ring that was sending these drugs nationwide.

Not only did officers find, psycho, po-po and Scooby in the North Port home of Sayed Jan. 

They say they found materials necessary to make the dangerous drug known on the streets as Spice.

"We have all the ingredients here to package the k2. we have the chemical ingredients, potpourri, if put together, thus makes the street value of 2.2 million dollars," said Captain Anthony Sirianni.

North Port officers say it's been a tough war against synthetic drugs.
But they won a major battle on Wednesday with the arrest of Jan and shutting down his operation.

"Hoping we can save adults, children, whoever may be partaking in the use of k2 and not harming themselves or others," said Sirianni.

Police handcuffed Jan, a tip from the Lee County Sheriff's Office.
Deputies there made their own million dollar bust two weeks ago.
They arrested Ryan Carroll, and two other men.

Sheriff Scott said, "It is residual I suspect, but we've had some enormous seizures. This is all a part of an aggressive, sustained, no nonsense approach to this stuff. it poison and we cant have it in our streets."

"The magnitude of these two cases, ours as well as the nexus to Lee County, we're pretty confident it will affect the Southeast United States," said Sirianni.

Jan was arrested on four drug charges including conducting the operation within one thousand feet of a church.
US authorities are involved.
It appears they are checking into whether Jan was a United States citizen.


NORTH PORT, Fla.- North Port Police arrested 33-year-old Sayed Mohammed Jan and seized $2.2 million dollars worth of synthetic marijuana from 13564 Tamiami Trail on Wednesday. The Lee County Sheriff's Office tipped North Port Police off, and now we're learning this bust may be connected to the massive bust at the residence of Ryan Carroll last week.

At the raid on Wednesday, police seized 120,000 pre-packaged containers of synthetic marijuana, known as Spice or K2, as well as distributing materials.

Authorities believe they have cut off a major supplier and distributor to Southwest Florida.

An undercover agent told WINK News they believe the suspect knew they were onto him, and that he moved more materials before they got there.