Published: Jan 10, 2014 9:44 AM EST
Updated: Jan 11, 2014 7:28 AM EST

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - The state fire marshal is now calling the fire on Middletown St. arson, and one man was arrested for allegedly setting the fire. It's believed that there are three separate points of origin.

Charlotte County deputies say they arrested 32-year-old Matthew Hunter, who lived at the home.

They say Hunter set the house on fire, and they also found two home-made explosives at the home. Detectives say he was angry about being evcited. Hunter's roommate was sleeping at the time.

For hours, flashing lights, patrol cars and fire trucks covered Middletown St.

"So this is obviously a little more action than any of us want to see," says Pam Munz, a neighbor.

Charlotte County detectives, firefighters and the state fire marshal were in and out of this home, collecting samples, questioning neighbors and trying to piece together what happened.

Pam Munz lives two doors down and says the sound of sirens woke her up around 6:45.

"I was laying in bed and kind of open one I saw the flashing red... I saw no smoke or flames but obviously the street was was really busy," Munz sys.

Dee Hawkins with Charlotte County Fire and Rescue says even before crews got on scene they knew something was up.

"When we respond to a structure fire it's normal to start looking for a column of smoke or even a brushfire.  This was very unusual and the fact that... even though it was morning in the early morning it was dark they didn't see flames they saw a glow they knew that they had some type of active scene," she says.

The blaze was out within 10 minutes.  The two men who live here were not inside at the time when firefighters arrived.  Deputies questioned both and eventually took them to separate locations to find out more information.