Published: Jan 07, 2014 12:14 PM EST
Updated: Jan 07, 2014 7:58 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla. --   "We gave it our best, we really did."  

Few words from Greg Eagle, moments after being sentenced to 6 years in prison.

"Hoping there is some sort of appeal. Why pick 7 years, why not 8, why not 5. I don't understand the system," said Eagle.

Eagle gave reason after reason to WINK News, for why he choose to sell pine island trust, without telling investors.

"They were supposed to be getting a big check out of that. The economy wasn't supposed to fall off the earth."
But it was his reluctance to admit guilt that Judge Steele says, put Eagle away, for six years.

Eagle consistently told WINK news, as well as the judge, he too was the victim of a fradulant deal with Wells Fargo.

"Oh, he is very very remorseful. Absolutely. his manner of expressing it is just a little bit different," said his attorney, Wilbur Smith.

"Not over yet. that's what i am fighting for, the victims," said Eagle.



LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Cape Coral realtor Greg Eagle has been sentenced to six years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release. Eagle admitted to defrauding investors out of millions of dollars, but claimed it wasn't his fault.

In June 2006, Eagle took over the Pine Island 101 Trust Deal, and without the investor's permission, put it up for collateral in exchange for a $17 million loan with First National Bank.

That deal fell through and investors lost $3 million when the bank tried to foreclose on the property. Eagle pleaded guilty to defrauding 52 investors,
but he said he bought out several of them, reducing the number of victims.

Restitution was not determined at this hearing.