Published: Jan 03, 2014 6:59 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla --- Greg Eagle will be back in court Tuesday.

He was set to be sentenced Friday in federal court.

Eagle plead guilty, after entering into a $17 million deal with First National Bank, as trustee of the Pine Island 101 Trust.

Only he did so without the permission of its more than 50 investors.

Eagle then try to withdraw his plea in November. The judge denied that motion.

In federal court Friday, the defense had the chance to argue down a lesser sentence for Eagle, who faces 6 counts of fraud.

The prosecution said the banks and investors were out $28.5 million. The defense disagreed. 

A judge decided to continue the sentencing until Tuesday.

WINK News spoke with Eagle as he left the courthouse. He says he felt lucky to walk free once again. He said he himself feels like a victim.

A victim told WINK News however, that Eagle's arrogance is what bothers him most. And that he just wants his money bank.

Trust WINK News to follow developments.