Published: Dec 30, 2013 5:56 PM EST
Updated: Dec 30, 2013 6:06 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - This holiday season a local distillery is the toast of the town. Cape Spirits located near Nicholas Parkway in Cape Coral say they're already expanding just months after it became legal to produce and sell their bottled rum directly to a thirsty public.

Wink News took a tour of the booming business and spoke to the founder who says 2014 is looking wicked good.

"We're expanding for sure. We have a lot of new products and some are really innovative, that nobody else is doing in the United States. So we're looking forward to introducing those," said Founder JoAnn Elardo.

Elardo says consumers can expect new products, an online store and even new jobs in the new year.

"We will be selling a lot of the merchandise that we have and we'll also probably be hooked up with a retailer that will be able to ship bottles out of the state," she said. 

This comes just six months after it became legal for consumers to purchase spirits like Wicked Dolphin Rum directly from the distillery.

"The people of Lee County first off have been very good to us because it's steadily grown month after month," she said.

She also attributes her company's success to a quality product and a unique location.

"We use a lot of citrus, locally grown in Florida. All of our sugar is from Florida and our spices," she said.

Local bars and restaurants like Doc Ford's and the Dixie Roadhouse are buying bottles and cases are hitting the shelves at stores like Publix.

"They support a lot of local Florida businesses and that's very important to the area. They tried the rum they really liked it and thought it was something that would go good around the holidays," she said.

The online store is expected to launch at the end of January.