Published: Dec 27, 2013 8:21 PM EST
Updated: Dec 27, 2013 8:22 PM EST

NAPLES, FL. - A woman is furious over a water bill from the city that's over $2,100 for two months.

Laura Filmore says her 84 year old mother Nancy is the only one who lives in the home. She says there is no way one person can use tens of thousands of gallons of water in one day.

Filmore says she called a plumber and pool company to check for leaks and found nothing. She says "they're putting it on my shoulders, I need to prove we didn't use the water while they sit back and they will turn off the water if we do not pay this bill."

Filmore says she feels the water company is doing nothing to help them out.

WINK News spoke with Tamika Seaton, a spokesperson for the City of Naples, she says the meter was investigated three times during the month of December. She says the meter readers determined there was no issues.   

But Filmore says the plumber told her their meter is old. She says even when no water is running the large needle on the meter jumps to eight on a scale of nine within two hours.

Seaton says every meter is checked annually. She says what is happening in the Filmore's case is not normal and is considered "unexplained use."

Seaton says "we'll definitely work with this resident to get that bill adjusted provided the resident provides us with something in writing." She says if the issue continues they will send someone out again to investigate.

In the meantime, Filmore's mother has paid $375 to the city for the bill under a payment plan. Filmore says her mother is terrified the city will shut off her water. She hopes something can be worked out besides the payment plan after writing the city about the issue.