Published: Dec 26, 2013 7:02 PM EST

Retailers want you to spend, and they're posting some of the biggest bargains ever to get you through the door.  Post-holiday sales are more abundant and offering larger discounts than in years past.

Shoppers, like Susan Maino, are taking advantage.

"They're amazing," Maino said, telling WINK News she'd never seen such deep discounts after Christmas.

Jennifer Nettles, general manager for the Bell Tower Shops in Lee County, said several factors are causing retailers to give customers a big break in prices.

"You have brick-and-mortar issues, you have online issues, you have Thanksgiving day this year," Nettles said.  "So it doesn't surprise me."

Nettles said brick-and-mortar stores are constantly monitoring online sales, and working to stay competitive. She also said as stores opened on Thanskgiving for early Black Friday sales, retailers had more demand to keep up with.

"A lot of the merchandise gets sold earlier, so they need to get their stock in on a regular basis and they need to clear it out now," Nettles said.