Published: Dec 26, 2013 5:11 PM EST
Updated: Dec 26, 2013 6:52 PM EST

ARCADIA, Fla. - One Arcadia man is hoping to raise awareness by sharing his horse's story.

Two years ago, that horse was left to die at the former owner's home. A local rescue organization helped mend him back to health. His name is Takoda.

"'Takoda' means a friend of everyone... and you are a friend to everyone, huh?" says Steve Stapp.

The Arcadia man first met Takoda two years ago while he was volunteering at a local rescue organization, Jasmine's Dream Ranch and Rescue.

"I guess he knows the hand that feeds him... but he also knows who loves him. They can tell...considering everything he's been through, you would think that he would have more of a fear of humans,' Stapp adds.

In 2011, Takoda was malnourished and abused. Folks with the rescue organization say he has a scar on his head from a beating that separated both his retinas and left him blind.

"He was left to to watch him go from that to this loving home with this loving dad who's providing this one on one attention is just miraculous," says Monica Deleandro with Jasmine's Dream Ranch and Rescue.

Stapp adopted Takoda and he wants to spread the word about organizations like Jasmine's Dream Ranch and Rescue.

"If we could go to parades, go to other events to help raise awareness to the general public that there are's such a shame that so many people in this economy end up doing just the wrong thing," Stapp adds.

Stapp has started a fundraising page to raise money for a horse trailer so he and Takoda can travel to events. 

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