Published: Dec 26, 2013 8:10 AM EST
Updated: Dec 26, 2013 12:21 PM EST

At midnight Christmas morning, Michael J. Sasen was killed in a hit and run accident on McGregor Blvd., near Kasamada Dr.

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Early Thursday morning, Sasen's ex-wife, Christine, and sister, Denise, contacted WINK News by phone from Massachusetts. WINK News Anchor Clayton Ferraro spoke with Christine.

Below is an edited transcript of the conversation as family members tell WINK News about Sasen and their search for answers.

"Clayton Ferraro: I just wanted to call and would mind if we ask you a few questions about Mike and the situation as you understand is.

Christine Sasen: sure

Clayton Ferraro: Um, what is you want people to remember about Mike?

Christine Sasen: For Mike to be remembered as a wonderful father, a brother, son and always found the good in everything.

Clayton Ferraro: What did he do professionally? We just want people to find out about him, get to know him. What did he do for work?

Christine Sasen: He sold windshields for SafeLite Auto Repair

Clayton Ferraro: Where did he live, was he from that area up there?

Christine Sasen: Yes, he's a lifetime resident of Springfield, MA. But he was living with his father in Fort Myers since August, I believe, I'm not quite sure.

Clayton Ferraro: And why did he move down here?

Christine: Um, we had lost a son in March, our older son, Joshua. And just wanted to get away from the area. He loved the ocean and it was a special place for him and Josh. Our younger son had just come back from visiting Mike December 7th. He went to see Mike for Thanksgiving.

Clayton Ferraro: Just so I understand, how old was Joshua?

Christine: 23

Clayton Ferraro: Joshua was 23. Do you have any other children?

Christine: Yes, Scott, he's 10.

Clayton Ferraro: Scott's 10, Joshua was 23 and Scott's 10. Is Scott living there with you now?

Christine: Yes

Clayton Ferraro: How old was Mike?

Christine: 48.

Clayton Ferraro: When did you guys find out about this as a family?

Christine: They called his father and I guess when it happened, but we didn't find out until like 7:15 when Scotty was opening presents this morning. He was opening Mike's present that Mike had shipped him.

Clayton Ferraro: He was opening the present from Mike?

Christine: Yes, a computer that Mike sent him for christmas, and he had just texted Mike a picture. I opened the computer, and it said Merry Christmas and that was 10 of 7 and we found out about 7:15.

Clayton Ferraro: Is there anything else that you'd like to say about Mike that you'd like us to know?

Christine: His relationship with his sons was priceless, and he was an awesome father, and he has five brothers and sisters that lost a younger brother when he was a teenager. But um, just completely devastating.... (inaudible)... We're not going to let this thing go away like it's something they're trying to cover up.

Clayton Ferraro: Thank you so much, one thing I wanted to go back and ask you real quick... why did he moved down here with his father?

Christine: Because we lost our son in March and he needed some time by the ocean. Peace of mind and our older son died in March and spending some time with his father.