Published: Dec 26, 2013 10:58 AM EST

CAPE CORAL, FL - Residents say they still can't believe there was a Christmas eve shooting in their neighborhood. But many are pointing the finger, not at police who say they were forced to open fire, but at a home where some believe there has been a lot of questionable activity. Cape Coral police were on SE 4th Avenue to arrest a woman who was allegedly stealing packages off of neighbor's front porches. As they made their arrest, the detectives noticed a white pickup truck dragging a man up the street. Neighbors say that is when they began to hear yelling and a series of gunshots. "I heard BANG, BANG, BANG!", says Gina Youngs. She watched the melee unfold right outside her laundry room window. "I heard the guy say, 'why did you shoot me?'"

Youngs says the neighbors have complained about the house where the dragging incident began. They complained about a lot of traffic arriving at the home at all hours of the day and night. "We've complained, but so far police haven't done anything. Maybe they will now", one neighbor told us.