Published: Dec 25, 2013 4:44 PM EST

LABELLE, Fla. ---- 

More than one hundred people filled post 130 in Labelle this Christmas day.
Ready to serve 600 veterans, in need of a good hot meal.

"I'm helping out less fortunate people than I am," said one volunteer.

However there's one veteran that's always there, holding a special place in their hearts, and on the wall.
his name is Nicholas Cutina, a Hendry County soldier and machine gunner in the Vietnam war.

"His platoon was attacked on March 2nd and 49 of his platoon died within minutes. He was wounded four times in the battle, and ultimately succumbed to his wounds," said Commander Matthew Kindermann.

Cutina's brave actions earned him a medal of honor, that now sits on Post 130's wall, given to the legion by family members

"The first thing people say when they see it, is is it real? Family members wanted a place where it could be on display where everyone could see it, get some inspiration, and just learn by the events that happened," said Kindermann.

The medal of honor sits behind bullet proof glass. The Secret Service hemselves were in here, to make sure this was built to perfection, to protect the memory of this fallen soldier.

The post is one of only two in the country, allowed the honor.

"We really honor his sacrifice, appreciate his service, it's a tremendous honor," said Kindermann.