Published: Dec 20, 2013 5:17 PM EST
Updated: Dec 21, 2013 8:39 AM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A Fort Myers family who was living in 'deplorable' conditions now has brand new home just in time for Christmas. 

Bob Wingo's home was overtaken by mold and its roof was caving in. Dozens of volunteers demolished that old house and built him a new one from the ground-up. 

Bob Wingo arrived on a golf cart, blindfolded, and full of anticipation. Finally, the black plastic revealed his new home.

"Every kind of emotion you could imagine. The overwhelming thanks, for all these caring people. And how hard they've worked," Wingo said. 

It's hard to believe this home was built in just 15 days! December 2nd, the home Bob shared his wife Judy and their children for 42 years was ripped apart. 

Health problems and age prevented Bob from keeping the property in decent condition.His wife Judy is paralyzed, and every day he goes to visit her in a nursing home using public transportation. He knows Judy is just as thankful as he is about this new home. 

More than 50 local companies joined together to make this a reality. "There's literally hundreds and hundreds of people who put the work in behind this. Probably well over 300 people," said Builders Care co-founder 

Every little detail was thought out, right down to a new Christmas tree, presents, and precious family photos. 

"It means everything in the world to tell you the truth. It's a place I can come to and be very proud of, even my children, and my grandchildren," said Wingo. 

The project was about four months in the making but again, they finished that house in just about two weeks! 

Those who volunteered with Builders Care say its not just about houses, or making a profit. It's about helping people and changing lives.