LEE COUNTY, Fla. - She doesn't want us to use her name, but, the 91-year-old wants to tell her story to help keep others from being scammed. She says the series of four calls began with a man who sounded very similar to her grandson, Jeremy. The man told her he had taken a trip to Mexico with a friend and was now under arrest. He asked for $1,300 for bail money. The woman went to the bank and withdrew the money for her savings and sent it to the man via Western Union. Later the woman receives two more calls from the same man detailing more legal troubles and the need for more money. She sends just over 4 thousand dollars in all before calling her son to verify that Jeremy is OK. Her son tells her Jeremy has not left the country and is in fact fine. As she hangs up with her real son, her fake grandson calls again. She confronts him and calls the Lee county Sheriff's office. The investigation is ongoing. She believes her money is long gone. She tells WINK News she would tell the scammer, "You should stop doing this. You are hurting people. I was crying on the phone."