Published: Dec 20, 2013 2:19 PM EST
Updated: Dec 20, 2013 5:52 PM EST

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - A dog with a broken leg is getting treated thanks to an attentive roofer.  He was working on the house when he made the discovery that landed two people in jail.

You might not be able to notice now, but in October, Lizzy the laborador was not moving so freely.  Chris Walling, a local roofer was doing a job at Sirena Piner and Hector Martinez-Rivera's home when he first noticed her.

"They had a puppy there in the cage and I love dogs so I asked to see the puppy and they didn't object so I pulled te puppy out of the cage and its leg was completely broke, 45 degrees off to the side," he says.

Walling says he asked what happened and the two said the dog injured itself but they didn't have the money to help the animal.

"They finally gave me the dog and I took the dog and she went off and got help... I was happy to get it out of that situation," he says.

Friday, Piner and Martinez-Rivera are under arrest animal crulety.  Lt. Brian Jones with Charlotte County Animal Control says, every pet owner has a responsibility to get their animal the proper help.

"It doesn't make it okay that it wouldn't get the help that it needs simply because you want to keep it and you don't have the money," he says.

Now, two and a half months, one hard and one soft cast later, Lizzy has much more movement and personality than before.

"She's running around now, she still doesn't use that leg quite like we'd like, but she's a happy puppy that's really all that matters," Walling adds.

Animal control officers tell WINK News that this year, they've had a record number of animal cruelty cases.  They say it's a disturbing trend, but they're happy to see people coming forward to report things that need attention.