Published: Dec 17, 2013 7:18 PM EST

A WINK News call for action centered around the state's new unemployment system Connect.
A Lee County mom called us after she was approved for benefits ten weeks ago and still has not seen any money! It's been a problem for many of our viewers and yet again we've been able to get answers by going directly to the state ourselves.
There is now a glimmer of hope for Pamela Gonzalez, the woman who called us in desperate need for some answers, and after months of phone calls from Pamela to the state, WINK News was able to get an unemployment worker on her case.

"I'm behind on my bills, everything is behind, I don't have money to buy Christmas gifts this year, I don't have anything," said Gonzalez.

No job and no money, that's the reality facing Pamela Gonzalez.

"I don't have a bank account, it's a day to day process with me. I have to find money for food and for all the necessities I need."

She lost her job in October and unemployment even approved her to receive money, but she hasn't recieved a check.

"They take things away when you don't have the money, but when the money is owned to you, they take forever to give it to you."

This letter is proof she should get her benefits, but everytime she goes online, the word next to her name says "disqualified."
She's told its "system error."

"I'm only getting $157 a week, but in that case, in my situation, it does help out with some bills."

She's tried to get answers, but after hitting road blocks, she called WINK News.

"I mean the other day when I kept calling back to back, I almost broke my own phone."

We emailed the state office, they are now making Pamela's case a priority and an employee already contacted her.