Published: Dec 12, 2013 5:36 PM EST
Updated: Dec 12, 2013 6:26 PM EST

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- It's your money and Collier County taxpayers are saving some money. WINK News confirms, the state will give the county back $20 million, of the $28 million project. The widening project at Davis and Collier Boulevards is two years in the making.

One business owner said it best- Christmas has come early! He said this area has waited for the county to unveil this completed project, and tonight, more lanes have been added and the roads may now be safer for pedestrians and motorist.

"This is like a Christmas gift, we thought it would never get done!"

For nearly two years, Robert Napior's business has taken a hit.

"Everyone sees the orange barrels and they said I'm not going this way, business has been down so much."

He's waited for the day the county would complete the project at the intersection of Davis and Collier Boulevard.

"It's bigger now, a little less traffic, looks nice, and now hopefully everyone will come flocking to this intersection, I hope," said Napior.

The intersection is now set up to handle more traffic. One mile of Collier Blvd has gone from four lanes to eight lanes and three quarters-of a mile on Davis Blvd. is now six lanes, both have new bike lanes, sidewalks and street lights.

"I like it, it opens things up and allows us to get in and out a lot quicker than it used to," said Naples resident Rick Honecker.

The roads now have more space to handle excessive traffic and it may now be safer for both pedestrians and motorist to share the road.

"The bike lanes are important, I mean I wouldn't ride some roads without a bike lane."

And WINK News is told the future of this gas that sits at the intersections corner is looking a lot brighter now that the days of construction are over.

"It's Christmas time and we are looking back to normal with business, it's been such a long time."

The $28 million project was completed four months ahead of schedule.