LEE COUNTY, FL.--A mother is accusing a local teacher of having a relationship with her 18-year old daughter.

"I was beyond disgusted. Beyond disgusted," said this mother who we we will call Lisa.

Lisa says she recently found thousands of text messages on her 18-year old daughter's phone from a 35 year old man.
Some of those messages, Lisa says, even included sexual photos.

"I wanted to go kill him because he is a 35 year old man that has children that should know right from wrong," said Lisa.

WINK News has confirmed that man is a teacher at Pelican Elementary School.
Lisa's daughter goes to Oasis High School- in the same district.

Lisa thinks their relationship started at the beginning of the school year when the two met while working on a play.

We took the issue to an outside source- the president of the Charlotte County teachers union.
He says 18-year olds are still considered students and the Florida teacher code of ethics is against intimate student/teacher relationships.

"When it comes down to it cut and dry, student relationships--off limits," said Bryan Bouton.

According to the Lee County Teachers Association-- this scenario is listed in the mandatory code of ethics training.
One of the questions says it's ok for teachers to date their students only after the student graduates from the school system.
Now, Lisa wants to make sure this teacher never steps foot inside a classroom--no matter how her daughter feels about it.

"I told her yesterday, I don't care if you hate me right now, I hope in 10 years you'll see that this is what a parent was supposed to do," said Lisa.


Lee County schools says the teacher is on paid administrative leave and there is an active investigation.