Published: Dec 09, 2013 10:43 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla - Just hours from now we could see more flight issues in and out of Southwest Florida, especially to the northeast, but WINK News is learning those delays and cancellations are giving local airport businesses a boost.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, so far everything is on time, but that can all change at any moment, depending on that winter storm.

Monday several flights were delayed at RSW, some even cancelled.

Flights from Chicago, Boston, New York, Detroit and Atlanta were all delayed tonight. A flight to Chicago was delayed two hours while Jet Blue's flight to JFK was delayed one hour.

Dallas is seeing some of the worst weather. Some flights arriving from there were cancelled.

But, all of these problems are good for one group of people; businesses at the airport.

The PGA Tour store says sales go up when people have extra time to shop.

PGA Tour employee Joylyn Bassett says, "it really does help us out. We've had hundreds of flights delayed and it helps us on both ends if the spectrum. The people that are locals that come to pick up their friends have more time to spend in the airport and then on the other end people's whose flights have been delayed have extra time on their hands."