Published: Dec 09, 2013 11:45 PM EST

FORT MYERS, FL.--21-year old Andrew Sosa is still locked up in the Lee County Jail.

Sosa is accused of leaving his 4-month old daughter inside a car for hours as he was inside a Lookers strip club in Fort Myers.

"It was different. It was pretty gut-wrenching," said Looker manager Anthony Annazone.

Annazone says someone in the parking lot saw the baby and quickly told them.

"Her clothes were wet because she had been in there a while--sweating," he said.
Police say surveillance video shows Sosa was inside the club for nearly four hours.
Police eventually busted a window to get the baby out and they say she was choking on her own vomit and was sweating profusely .

"She was screaming at first, but when the policeman picked her up and got the blanket off of her and wiped her face off she started smiling--it was pretty relieving," said Annazone.

"I'm shocked. I am shocked at the whole situation," said the baby's uncle, Corey Peterson.

Peterson says he would never expect Sosa to leave his daughter inside a car.

"He's a great father. He watched his daughter day in and day out and takes care of her," said Peterson.

Annazone paints a different picture because he says Sosa tried to deny the whole thing and didn't want to talk to investigators.

"Absolutely remorseless. He did not care at all. Even when he was arrested he did not--not a care in the world," said Annazone.

Andrew Sosa has quiet the rap sheet--he's faced battery, drug possession charges. Sosa has also been arrested in the past for violating probation and stalking.