Published: Dec 05, 2013 12:02 AM EST
Updated: Dec 05, 2013 8:54 AM EST

LEE COUNTY, FL.--A Lee County teen was severely shaken as a baby and now is super sensitive to things like sunlight, heat, and germs.

Her parents say just getting her to school every day is a struggle.
They claim  the school district isn't doing enough to help her.

18-year old DaShauna's step father, Dwight, is extremely upset because Lee County Schools will no longer pick up or drop off DaShuana right in front of their house.

She will now be picked up a couple blocks away in a nearby parking lot.

Dwight says DaShauna cannot be outside too long could because she barely has an immune system
Since the beginning of the school year Dwight says  the bus arrived right in front of his driveway.

A video recorded by Dwight shows the bus backing up in to a driveway and seemingly drive off with no problem.
A couple months ago, Dwight complained after he says the bus driver started to not be so cautious.

"And just started cutting through peoples yards like who cares," he said.

Dwight says the bus would create divots in people's yards.

The district sent a safety inspector to the street and found that since the road is narrow and a dead end, driving to DaShauna's house just isn't safe.

"Yet we have the trash truck literally backs up this whole block and don't have a problem with running in to anything and it is bigger than the bus," said Dwight.

Some neighbors agree.

"I cant imagine what kind of safety issue that is," said neighbor Faith Paulsen.

The district tells us the safest location to pick up DaShuana is 135 yards away at a church parking lot.

They also say there are safety concerns when the bus encounters other large trucks on the road and it can pose a threat to safety.

The district says they have tried to make this work and say the bus driver has tried every way to be safe, but determined the route will no longer be taken.