Published: Dec 04, 2013 5:43 PM EST
Updated: Dec 04, 2013 5:48 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - It was a cell phone video that sparked outrage among the community. A teenager kicked 72-year-old Robert Lerberg to the ground, while he was picking weeds in his yard.

"Still trying to wrap my head around how it happened, and the way that it happened. As senseless as it was," said Lerberg.

Investigators said Lerberg was targetted by a group of Cypress Lake High School students. The memories still haunt him.

"A place you can feel safe and secure, without thinking that someone might come behind you and knock you to the ground," said Lerberg. 

With no family, now 500 strangers have his back. Members of a Facebook page created in his honor. Hundreds have contacted him, offering their help with his garden.

"Yes, that would be great. I would enjoy that very much. And I will make them work hard."

Lerberg's been building that garden since a fire burned down his apartment in July 2012. He moved back in in May.

"I went from here to a Howard Johnson, spent three nights there thinking that I was going to be homeless."

Lerberg thought he was lucky then, but considers himself even luckier now, with 500 new friends.

"It is helping to erase the memory of her standing over me laughing at me."

An event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday.