Published: Dec 04, 2013 5:41 PM EST
Updated: Dec 04, 2013 5:54 PM EST

SAN CARLOS PARK. Fla.- Danger on the road in a San Carlos Park neighborhood. A WINK News viewer contacted us asking for help to end numerous hit and runs!

Neighbors say drivers speed around the two bends on Sea Island Road, running into their mailboxes and cars!

Neighbors here say it's like watching Indy car drivers as they take these two bends. In fact, on Friday, a car lost control taking this curve, ended up on the front lawn of this house, leaving these skids marks on the driveway.

"It's like a race track here, it's like a challenge to the young kids and people to go through here," said concerned resident, Harvey Kulkin.

Residents say Sea Island Road is just too dangerous.

"There can be someone getting hit, someone getting killed, cars are just passing two quickly."

Back to back curves are too difficult for drivers to handle going the posted 30 mile per hour speed limit.

"If you were doing 10/15 miles per hour through these corners, that should be plenty fast," said Kulkin.

Cars have taken out seven of Harvey Kulkin's mailboxes in the last seven years, one was taken out a day after it was put up.

"I ask anyone to come drive this 30 miles per hour and see how they react to it."

And so we did! This is us driving the curve at 30 miles per hour, but my driver couldn't do it safely, and couldn't see any on coming cars.

"That's 30, we dropped down to 22, I couldn't even do 30."

On Sunday, someone hit a mail box, and a brand new Chevy truck and came to a stop in this ditch.

"You could hear the squealing of the tires and you're sitting in your house saying, wait for it, wait for it, Boom! There it was, It sounds like a bomb goes off."

About six months ago signs were put letting drivers know about the curve. Lee DOT also did a survey to record the average speed in the area, but Harvey says that's not enough.

"I want to see something done that warrants people have to slow down on sea island."

We did reach out to Lee DOT who says they will be coming back out here to see if any additional measures should be taken. Harvey said he wants to see four speed bumps put in.