Published: Dec 03, 2013 11:16 AM EST

FORT MYERS, FL - Raphael Galety says he was driving home along Broadway Avenue in Fort Myers when he heard a loud thud. A pitbull - running loose - ran into the street and into the path of his car. Galety saw the injured pet limp to the side of the road and collapse. He pulled his car over and called 9-1-1. He says the operator on the other end of the line told him to wait for officers to arrive, but before they did Galety says he was confronted by the dog's owner, Camille Dixon and two other men. Galety says the they began to demand money and beat him up before stealing his wallet. Deputies arrived and arrested the trio but not before Dixon allegedly spit and kicked deputies who were attempting to take her into custody. All three are charged with robbery. Dixon faces additional charges of battery on a law enforcement officer.