SANIBEL, Fla.- The City of Sanibel will not be issuing new Hurricane Re-entry Passes in 2014, in an effort to reduce costs. Instead, the City will continue to honor passes issued in 2012/2013.

The pass aids security, speeds re-entry, and provides traffic control at a time when traffic must be kept to a minimum. The pass allows persons in a vehicle to return to perform property damage assessment.

To meet the purposes of security, re-entry and traffic control -

(Residential) a strict limit of one (1) pass per address.

(Commercial) businesses will be issued only enough commercial passes to facilitate the damage assessment process, ordinarily one (1) pass.

Due to the security aspects of the pass, all persons issued a pass are responsible to ensure their pass does not fall into the wrong or irresponsible hands.

In the event of evacuation, people without a pass can return with proper credentials.

The City makes an independent decision each year whether to re-use passes or issue new ones.  Keep your pass until you know it is no longer valid.

For questions about Hurricane Passes call the Sanibel Police Department at 239-472-3111.