Published: Nov 28, 2013 2:03 PM EST

The Rotary Club of Lehigh Acres put on its annual Thanksgiving feast.  Members served more meals than any other Thanksgiving,  in the 13 years the feast  has been held at St. Raphael's Catholic Church. 

"I would say, if we are in an economic recovery, the word has not reached Lehigh Acres," says Mike Buff of the Rotary Club.  

Buff says members served more than 700 meals on Thursday.   That is the highest ever for a Thanksgiving, and Buff believes, it's an indication that people still are having trouble finding jobs in the Lehigh area. 

"That is sad.   In a country with so much wealth, to have so many people who have so little," says Buff.  "It is discouraging."

The people include those like Jim Pettigrew, who says he  used to have some work as a security guard, but not in recent weeks.

"I am grateful for this meal, it is so wonderful they do this for the people.   I don't have family in the area," says Pettigrew.

Fran Burbank and her husband came to the feast for the first time.   They are older, and could not cope with preparing a big meal.

"No, couldn't do it anymore.  Couldn't be on my feet for that long anymore.   That was the stuff we did when we were young.  Now, we let the youth serve us," says Burbank.

The club raises money year-round for the feast.   Dick Groetchen spends days preparing food for the less fortunate.  "It is the best thing I do all year for people," says Groetchen.